Question about mixing

I’m still fairly new to mixing so i’ve always liked using the presets in Cubase as a starting point when i get to mixing and mastering songs. I’ve noticed in the “Dynamics” section (compressors, limiters, gate etc) that there aren’t many options for bass or the low end. On some there are absolutely no options. Normally i can just dial it in manually but i’ve ran into an issue on a couple songs i’ve done. The issue being that i can’t get my bassline to sound even. A full step or sometimes even a semitone up from one note will jump out in the mix drastically. I’ve done some research and almost everyone says to compress your bass or put a limiter on it. I’ve tried both and it doesn’t want to work on these few tracks. When i’m running into issues its with the VST “Massive” by native instruments. Normally i would just fix the velocity on the midi notes but it wont register them for some reason. Anything between 2-127 is at the same volume. I’d really like to avoid automating the tracks so if anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.