question about my license when re-installing Cubase ES 4


I have Cubase ES 4 and I alos just purchsed the Cubase Stduio 5 upgrade.

Just yesterday I installed a new operating system on my PC: I went from WinXP to Win7, 64bit.
This required for me to re-install all my software.

Now I just installed Cubase ES 4 again, and I left the e-licenser dongle key in its USB port (the little red light is on).

Installation went fine, and the Snycrosoft license control center was also automatically downloaded, and when I was prompted to online register my product I chose the option ‘this product is registered already’ since I registered it back then when I first installed it on my old operating system. This is correct, isn’t it? Or do I need to register it again?

My actual question regards the license-key dongle. I was not prompted to enter the activation again, but when I open the Snycrosoft license control center program it lists my license for Cubase ES4 but it says ‘time remaining: 24 hours’.
What does that mean? Am I losing my license? Do I need to re-enter the Cubase ES4 activation code? If yes, how?

I haven’t even installed Cubase Studio 5 yet, but I want to do so, but this issue got me a bit confused.

I hope someone can help me with this.


Please take a look here:

Thank you, Georg!

So, if I understood correctly, I will have to enter the activation code again upon re-installing my Cubase ES4 on my new operating system?
Will the same activation code that I used for my initial installation (on my old operating system) still work?


Activation codes can only be used once. If the license download succeeded your activation code now is invalid and you have two licenses on your USB-eLicenser: The permanent (!) one you’ve downloaded and the remains of the 25 hours license. The permanent license doesn’t need to and cannot be downloaded again. Aoart from the installation connecting an USB-eLicenser holding the correct license(s) is sufficient if you want to use Cubase on another system.

Thanks again!

So, can I take it for granted that my license (the permanent one I downloaded back then when I initially installed ES4, which is almost 2 years ago) is still on my USB-eLicenser?
How can I see that in the license control center application?
Is it so that simply each time the program gets reinstalled a new 25 hour temporary license gets added to the permanent one?


As I wrote the eLicenser Control Center should show two licenses. The permanent one and the 25 hours license. The temporary license cannot be refreshed. It is pre-installed on USB-eLicensers that are included with Steinberg software. Once the 25 hours are used up up the license is gone. As recommended in the article you simply can ignore the temporary license when you’ve successfully downloaded the permanent one.

Thank you!

After downloading the latest version of the license control application it became a lot clearer to me, there I could very easily see both licenses. In the older version it the tree-style design was very confusing to me.

I got it sorted out now. Thanks again ! :slight_smile:


I see! The eLicener Control Center indeed is much more comprehensible - or at least less tricky…

Yes !

Thanks for your help, Georg!