Question about new mono Render in Place.

So they listened and gave us mono Render in place. Thank you steinberg!

But I have a question…

It is now possible to render tracks in either mono or stereo: For the render options “Dry (Transfer Channel Settings)” and “Channel Settings” the resulting audio tracks keep the formats of their source tracks. A mono track results in a mono track. For the render options “Complete Signal Path” and “Complete Signal Path + Master FX” the resulting audio file format is determined by the output channel of the source track. A mono track, routed to a stereo bus, results in stereo audio files.

What does this mean for Instrument tracks and midi tracks where mono and stereo is not selectable? I didnt update yet this is a question sparked from the above statement.


If I’m not mistaken, it says that if you route the instrument to a mono bus (so not Stereo Out) then it will render in mono.

Thanks… But thats just like the workaround previously… I dont know why its so difficult for them to figure out a way for it to work like other daws… Not complaining i love cubase but this been available on other daws for long time… maybe i should check before i say anymore lol…

An instrument track will obviously render in stereo if the vsti itself is a stereo instrument. Midi tracks are not themselves audio tracks and cannot be mono or stereo. The audio output format depends on their destination.

You can “force” a stereo instrument or track to render in mono by assigning it to a mono bus. Nothing strange about this, and quite a versatile option in my opinion. Mono tracks will render in mono automatically if you choose the right options.

The questoin is, why should anyone want to render a stereo instrument routed to a stereo bus, in mono? For the rare cases, where this might be important, you can use the workaround, which is not too much to ask for in my opinion.

I think works now as it should. A mono track is rendered mono and a stereo is rendered stereo.
I can’t see too many instances when you’d want to render a stereo as mono (except maybe at the mix down stage, but that is already possible).
It was annoying before that all mono tracks became stereo even if you didn’t want to convert it to stereo.

Cheers guys… No sorry maybe I came across wrong… Your right… I was thinking for example if you have a vsti track using drums or something you want rendered as mono…

Yeah, I guess it might be handy to render kick and snare as mono from a multi out vsti. Just render my multi out drums as stereo because that’s what the vsti outputs. I guess it doesn’t bother me much.

It mainly bothered me for vocals as it would spit out a stereo file, but sometimes you want to keep a mono file for processing with FX that need a mono file, like pitch shifting.

Devices/VST Connections/ Add Bus (mono)

Set your midi instrument to your new mono output in the mixer instead of the normal stereo output

Render Complete Signal Path

It would have been nice if you didn’t have to do all that but they just don’t get it.

Just make render in place selectable for mono or stereo, rather than the current convoluted process of having to make new mono busses for every mono instrument like, kick, snare, etc…