Question about now and future VST libraries

There are a lot of great VST libraries out there some are in excess of $1000 and more. I would like to make an investment in these libraries, but since Steinberg created that block list, I am really concerned and back choose to back off with regards to Cubase 12 professional and future versions. If a VST instrument is 64 bits, does that make it passes. or does it must say it is a VST3 64-bits assembled?
Maybe Steinberg will put out an approved list of libraries which would be nice for all of us consumers who have upgraded their product every year
I don’t want to get involved wasting money because these libraries are not refundable and it’s money in the toilet if you picked the wrong one

Your comments are welcome and I thank you in advance

Alan Russell.

I feel like you’re mixing up sample libraries with VST plug-ins. Sample libraries are loaded using a “Player” or “Sampler” plug-in, such as Halion or Kontakt. It’s not the libraries that have to be compatible with Cubase, but the Player or Sampler plug-in. Both Halion and Kontakt can still load libraries from year 2001 just fine in modern versions of Cubase.

So this is what you should do: Find out which plug-in that sample library was designed for and check if it has a VST 3 version, or if it’s going to have one. If it does, then you can safely purchase that library without worries.

To clarify the situation:

Cubase 12 supports 64-bit VST 2 and VST 3 plug-ins like past versions.
On MacOS, both VST 2 and VST 3 plug-ins are supported in Rosetta mode. In Native M1/Apple Silicon mode, only VST 3 plug-ins are supported.

Many months from now, a future version of Cubase (not necessarily Cubase 13) will no longer support VST 2 plug-ins on both MacOS and Windows.

Most developers who are actively maintaining their plug-ins have already made the switch to VST 3, or plan to. If a plug-in doesn’t seem to have a VST 3 version yet, please check the developers FAQ pages, or contact them about it.

No I’m not mixing up plug-ins. I am referring to the VST instrument sampled libraries I know exactly what is concerning me.

Libraries do not get blacklisted. Only the the VSTi Instruments like Kontakt, EW Player, and Halion which play those libraries can be blacklisted.

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