Question about playback in the Play pannel

So, I do not like the choir sounds, so I try to set it to instrument sounds. For this particular document, when I make a violin sound replace the choir sound, the sound is ridiculously soft. While the Piano’s sound would be normal. How do I correct this?

Choose another sound ? I used to choose clarinet GM, or Oboe GM… The main reason would be because the “rich” sounds (i.e. not GM) rely on Expression maps with controlers enabled, and sometimes you would need to have the modwheel to the top (if it controls velocity, for instance…)
Well, since Noteperformer 3, I do not care about choir sounds anymore ^^

You can use the violin sound if you like, but you also need to click the little cog icon next to the name of the VST instrument you’re using in the VST Instruments panel to open the Endpoint Setup dialog. In there, for the channel in which you’ve swapped out the vocal sound for the violin sound, also change the expression map to the appropriate one for the violin sound you’ve chosen (presumably e.g. ‘HSO Violin Solo’).

Thanks Daniel for the detailed explanation. I shall try this once!

Thank you!

I echo what Marc said. Note Performer was the best $130 I’ve ever spent. Literally.

Daniel, could you explain more in depth about what I am to do in regards to the little cog?

The dialog is documented here. You need to change the entry under Expression map for the channel in which you’ve changed the sound.