Question about Players


I finally have found the time to read through the Dorico guide and I have a question.

If Solo players are single players that can play more than one instrument and Section players are players who represent the full section then if I load up one of the preloaded instrumentation templates why are certain instruments loaded as Solo players and others loaded as Section players? Is there a special technique when doing this from scratch?

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Ian Hook

Taking a guess at the differences you’re seeing, and Dorico’s design in this respect:

Winds of the orchestra, although they are grouped in sections, often play individual lines, with unison treated as a special case; whereas strings default to unison per section, with divisi the special case. So e.g. there is only one Trumpet 1 part, but you’ll print maybe 8 copies of Violin I, including divisi and any solos, for all the players.

I’m sure this distinction has to do with sounds for playback as well.


I was actually wondering, why this distinction still exists. To be clear: I very much understand the difference between section and solo players.

But now that both condense, I could see the distinction becoming more and more a problem. What if I write for choir, and I both want Divisi in the sopranos but also I want them to pick up whistles at some point and whistle the hell out themselves.
Similarly, contemporary music often divides either the players actions or the instrument geographically on multiple staffs. Having the option to change that WITH labeling would be nice to have.
I know this is hard to change now, I am just thinking out loud here…

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For this particular example, I would put the whistle on a separate (hidden) staff and cue it in the players’ (P/V) score/layout.

The pre-defined ensembles are just lists of saved groups.
As Mark suggests, Wind are likely to be Players (aayyyyyy!); with Strings as Sections.

But ultimately, the distinction is there for you to use whatever is appropriate in your music.

If you’re not condensing or divisi-ing or switching instruments, then really it doesn’t matter – apart from whether your sample library gives you a solo violin vs a section, etc.