Question about project audio files

Not sure if this is something stupid Im missing but I do lots of work on my laptop then transfer the whole project folder to the studio which im sure lots of you do aswell. I have the exact same sample libraries on my computers although not organized the same but same files and when I transfer back and forth I always get the “resolve missing files” message. I can usually find most by searching but its a pain in the ass cause I rename tracks all the time and some get missed. Also, any edits done wont be there. I always thought that everything was saved in the pool and associated with that project cpr file so they were always there. Am I missing something? Thanks

What sampler are you working in? I use Kontakt and got sick of searching for libraries. The fix for me was Save each instrument as a new instrument. After that, the samples load.

I use Halion 5 but missing files applies to every single audio file not just when Im using a sampler. I sometimes work with a buddy who uses logic x and we never have this problem, the audio files are just there when we move the project back and forth

Maybe I just have a wrong setting on where project files are stored but cant for the life of me find it

Ah! Bizarre! I work with my brother over Dropbox this way, and we never have an issue with audio files… As long as we’ve updated the whole folder before committing.

Could it be that you’re starting new projects with Cubase creating the Audio folder in its weird, default location (user/documents)?

Thats what I thought aswell as I use dropbox too so Ive made a point of saving everything before I even start to dropbox but for some reason it never works for me. Its not just on 8 either so thats not the issue either. Ill try to dig a bit more into this tomorrow when I have some time but I really appreciate the help and glad to hear it does work the way it should for you so I know its possible!

I use a third-party app called Synkron to update my local project folder and the Dropbox copy once I’m done my revisions. See if that helps?

Cool man, Ill check it out.