question about RAM/CPU impact in Cubase

Hi there.

If I get VST performance spikes or it maxes out in Cubase, I understand this is on the face of it a ‘CPU’ issue. But can increased RAM help the computer’s capacity to perform these related tasks and lower the VST perf. meter?


If you’re running a lot of virtual instruments, then yes. If you’re doing just audio, then not really. I see you have 32 GB of ram which should be more than enough for just audio work. It’s also a decent amount of ram for virtual instruments, so can you be more specific in your setup and the kind of work you’re doing?

My RAM activity is just under 32GB on most projects, so I am upgrading to 128GB RAM. I think it’s because I use lots of VSTi’s, and you confirmed my understanding… Thanks

Using 32GB on projects is a lot. Most of the time you can reduce samples and size. Specially if you have Halion or a sample. (i resample VSTi or Sample VSTi) drop the VSTi and use a sampler. Also a SSD drive helps a lot. Reducing latency to 8 ms instead of low latency. It is a balance. But the more you use ram, disk or cpu, you will be running into troubles over and over. So why not reduce and have the same sound…