Question about reading midi files

Dear everyone:

I want to read and convert midi files inot dorico score files

I tried a midi file from a site as follow

This midi has two tracks (treble and bass)

however when I import this midi

the tracks are separated into 5 different tracks, which makes this chaos and mess

So may I ask:

What is the best way to convert midi files into correct set of tracks?

At least, I want this possible for Beethoven or Mozart piano sonatas midi files

I heard Dorico offers some mechanism to make this possible and easy

Thank you and have a great weekend

It depends entirely how the MIDI file was made. The creator may have put each voice of the piano into a separate track. More commonly, all the notes are in one track, which means you don’t get the voicing information for different voices on each staff, but the notes are jumbled together in lots of tied notes.

Dorico does have some advanced capabilities for splitting notes into voices when they’re all on one track, but not the other way round.

You may be able to find some MusicXML files of Beethoven and Mozart, which may yield better results.

Whatever the source, you will need to check and correct the file against a decent published edition.

Arguably, it may be quicker/more reliable to enter the notes yourself. And it’s always good to hone your note entry skills!

There may be even beautifully engraved editions on the market already… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have already recopied the entire Hammerklavier Sonata for my own amusement and education (inspired by this thread 7 months ago). I’ll be glad to send you the file.

The extremely short notes in the 2nd movement of this sonata actually make it impossible for Dorico to import the rhythm correctly from midi. See my warning in the same thread.

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Dear Mark:
Hello, how are you since then, Mark?
Thank you for your favor
Could you please send me your edited file of Hammerklavier?
My e-mail is

So have a nice weekend and see you again, Mark
Best regards,

Dear Peter:
How are you, Peter? Nice to meet you.
So may I ask:
Which web site sells such classical scores? (midi or musicxml etc)

Thank you and have a nice day

Dear Ben:

Nice to see you again ! How are you since then, Ben?

I liked Cakewalk 9.0 long time ago
Cakewalk 9.0 correctly read Beethoven sonata midi’s into treble and bass

I miss Cakewalk 9.0 so much

And may I ask:
Where can I find Beethoven or Mozart piano works by musicxml?

Thank you for your valuable advise and see you again, Ben
Have a nice weekend

Dear Mark:
Thank you for your e-mail and sonata score files
Thank you for your kindness
I also love his 32th sonata, a beautiful one.
Do you edit this score file purely manually?
Your score work is so beautiful and well-done
I will keep your file with care.
Have a great weekend and great day today
See you again, Mark

Also, it is midnight here, so I am going to bed now and will return later.