Question about realtime recording and Noteperformer

Does the realtime recording keep the performance as it was while playing?

As far as I understand everything is quantized to the chosen note grid (smallest value). Is this quantisation only effective for the notation or for the playback too?

Are the note velocities kept after recording? If so, will they be changed or overwritten when inserting dynamic markings into the score? Especially when using Noteperformer?

Or, to sum it up: does a recorded score sound different than a written one?

Playback is preserved as recorded, even though the score is quantized visually. There are settings to this regard that you can change, including the option to preserve note velocities. Preferences—Play—Recording.

Thank you!

More useful information about this in this thread as well:

Best -

NotePerformer looks ahead (for 1 second) from what it is playing, uses the note durations that Dorico sends to help decide how the “perform” the music, and then adjusts the note durations that it actually plays.

The recommendation is not to tweak Dorico’s default interpretation of how to play staccato notes, accents, etc, in the Playback options, so NotePerformer can reverse engineer what the original notation looked like from the MIDI timing. If your human performance is systematically different from that, NotePerformer might get confused.

This is specific to NotePerformer - It doesn’t apply if you use a different VST for playback.