Question About Recording Performance Controls In Loop Mash

Finally got Loop Mash to export by choosing batch export single track.

Now I have a question about recording performance controls. This is what I did.

  1. I set up Loop Mash VST.

  2. I set up my loop and started play in Cubase while enabling Write Automation in Loop Mash

  3. During performance, I executed some stutter performance controls.

  4. Playing back Cubase after finishing, everything plays back but the performance controls. They didn’t record during write automation.

So, how do I get performance controls to become part of the track so I can export it to a wav file or are performance controls only good in live performance and don’t record to out track?

If you are talking about the effects.
(scratches, tape stops, reverse etc.)
They have to be recorded on a midi track.
Route a midi track to Loopmash and play the performance effects in
while recording on that midi track.

Loopmash splits the octaves up into 2 sections.
The lower octaves (C0-C2) trigger pattern changes.
The upper octaves (C3-C5) trigger the effects.
Not sure about the actual key ranges.

Hope this helps.