Question about recording with headphones

Hi all,

I am a beginner. I have Cubase AI 5 / Steinberg CI2. I have things connected and working.

When I plug my microphone into the CI2, and plug my headphones into the CI2 headphones jack, I hear the microphone.

If I also create an audio track, and record, the “monitor” turns on. I think I am now hearing 2 copies of myself in my headphones.

Is it normal to plug the headphones into the USB audio interface like this? Or, is there a way to have the audio output of Cubase go to the computer’s speakers, or the computer’s headphone jack? I would think this second way is better, because I can control the monitor mix for the person recording, and they won’t hear themselves double.

However, I can’t get the audio to go to the computer. On Devices | VST Connections, I have an Output for Stereo, Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO. I create a second output to Stereo, and want to connect it to the computer, but there is no option here. What am I doing wrong?



Ok, I think I figured it out. The Steinberg CI2 has a “mix” knob where I can turn down “input” and turn up “DAW.” So, the monitor can be only what is sent back from Cubase.