Question about recording with Punch Points

I really like this new way of recording with Cubase, but I noticed Cubase will secretly record a tiny bit of pre roll just before the punch in point. Which is actually really useful because it prevents truncation of the header.

However, it can also lead to problems if the event gets moved off of it’s grid position. This hidden pre roll seems to be an arbitrary length, and doesn’t always line up to the grid!!
If the event gets moved during editing then I’ve lost it’s position and will have to line it up by eye which isn’t very professional.

Is there a way to set how much hidden pre roll recording I want, and more importantly, set this pre roll to the grid?


You can set the Pre-Record time in the Preferences > Record > Audio > Audio Pre-Record Seconds. The default settings is 1s.

Is this what you are looking for?

Actually this 1sec is hidden (cut out), so when you move the event, this doesn’t affect it.

Ah, thank you. It’s too bad you can’t set it to the grid, ie. record a 1/4 note before punch in.

I had a problem with editing a multi mic recording of a guitar cab. Someone else had moved the events around very slightly to adjust for phase. I wanted to reset everything back to their original position, but since the headers don’t line up to the grid it became a huge hassle trying to find their original placements.

It helps knowing they’re 1 second ahead, but that’s a clunky conversion to make. If anyone from Steinberg is listening that would be a useful feature for me. I’m a little nervous about using Punch Points now and my friend who helped me edit has been scared away from it completely, haha.


In every single file, there is the original position written. Use Edit > Move To > Origin. This should place the event exactly to the position, where it was recorded.