Question About Reinterpret Measures Feature


I have recently been playing around with the Reinterpret Measures feature to shift things between compound and simple meters (3/8 <-> 3/4), and I noticed something strange.

For my test I decided to convert a set range of measures 20-30 (arbitrary numbers) from 3/8 to 3/4, and everything within that range turned out splendidly (Tempo was set at quarter = 95, so it should be 8th=8th in the compound sections). Measures 1-19 were correct, and measures 20-30 were now based on the quarter grid; however, measures 31 - end were now messed up royally. When I went to measure 31 and adjusted the tempo to the original tempo of quarter = 95 to realign the midi notes to the grid, it was not playing back the way it should be.

Why would the reinterpret feature mess with measures after the range?

I tried this with single, large midi event regions and also cutting them based on the range I wanted to reinterpret.