Question about removing previous AI version

I just bought an MOXF8 and got Cubase AI8 with it, but I have a question. Since I previously had the MOX8, I still use Cubase AI5 since it came with it. So my question is do I need to completely remove AI5 before installing AI8 since I’m using the same computer? I would really appreciate someone’s help.

You do not have to remove Cubase AI5, AI8 is a fresh installation. Since you have already activated that SeL, you may need to submit a support request for a new AI8 license in your MySteinberg account under My Support. Please be sure to include your new MOXF8 serial number and Download Access Code in the request.

Okay. Will do. BTW, one question I forgot to ask as well. Being that I have quite a few VST’s that I use with AI5, once installing AI8 will I be able to use those VST’s with AI8 as well or do I have to reinstall them and place them onto the new directory under AI8? Would appreciate your response.

If using CB on a Windows PC you will most likely need to reinstall or at least copy/paste your .dll files to the CB8 vst plugin folder. If you think you will still be using your old version of CB just copy the .dll files so that your sounds still work with your old CB too. It gets messy when using different CB versions unless you have set up your .dll file locations in a logical manner.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks PRock for your help. I don’t think I’ll need to use CB AI5 anymore, but instead of removing it first, it’ll be best to just copy/paste all the .dll files to the CB8 vst plugin folder like you suggest. BTW, will just copying/pasting the .dll files work even if certain of my vsts create folders and CB AI 5 was 32-bit & for CB AI8 I plan to use 64-bit? Once it works, then I’ll just remove CB AI5 because I don’t want problems.