Question about Rev-X and Sweet Spot availability on 824

I’m not clear on whether a single UR824 unit offers 8 or 24 tracks of Sweet spot morphing and Rev X. In other words, if I expand an 824 with a non-Steinberg interface (e.g Octopre), can I access the same dsp effects on the non-Steinberg expansion from the UR824? Or do I need 2 824s to achieve this?


Hi Steve,

As far as I understand, you will have maximum of 8 tracks of Sweet spot morphing and one Rev X available (which you can use by sending signals from multiple channels).

Thanks ezzviah,

I can see you’re correct - I hunted around some more on the website about the UR824. At the moment it’s hypothetical for me - I can’t currently find a store n the UK with UR824s in stock.