Question about selecting elements

When several objects are piled on top of one another, it’s usually possible to access them by shuffling through them by Alt-Shift clicking them. I haven’t found a way of doing this when one of the objects is a frame (this always gets selected) or, in Write Mode, when the gray bar number display is showing. Alt [-Shift] clicking this only selects a portion of it (or a region) but I’m unable to select anything under it. Sometimes I’m able to access objects like flags by selecting something close and using the arrow keys but this isn’t handy, especially since the order in which objects are selected seems arbitrary (to me, at least). Am I missing something?

To be a little clearer, I was recently trying to access a note spacing change which was on the same spot as a text frame. I was able to click on it to select it but double clicking it selected the text frame. I know I can select the NSC and press return to access the dialog box so this isn’t that big a deal. Trying to select an object under the number bar is more of a problem.

You’re not missing anything, except that you can switch off the system track (the grey bar number display, as you call it) with Alt+T.

Thank you, Daniel. I didn’t realise how easy it is to toggle the system track on and off.