question about selecting multiple audio or midi parts

Lets say you have one track and it has 5 midi parts on it and they are all lined up one after the other.

Step 1: If you click on the leftmost part, it will highlight/select the part (so you could do things like delete it, move it, etc.)

Step 2: With the left most part selected, if you then hold shift and click the rightmost part, it will select/highlight the rightmost part, and the leftmost part will remain selected as well.

In Cubase, the three parts in the middle remain unselected/unhighlighted. In Pro Tools and Ableton, after performing step 2, all five parts get selected.

Is there a preference setting or a key modifier available to make Cubase behave like PT and Ableton? I am so used to having it work the way it does in PT and Ableton its driving me crazy haha.

no, it’s not that way with parts, just with tracks and some other stuff :smiley: I understand your frustration, I do that a lot too because it is a windows standard.

the quickest way is to use the mouse to select many parts

dang it I was afraid that was the case. Oh well, Im sure Ill get used to it. Glad to know one way or the other if it exists or not so I won’t waste any more time trying to figure it out. Thanks Glenn

If you Shift and double click on a part, it selects all other parts to the right of it. :nerd: