Question about setting mic levels

Ok, I’m trying to set up my new microphone (a AKG C414). At first I thought it wasn’t working, but as it turns out, it’s recording but its very very low. I have to turn the volume up on my monitors almost all the way up in order to hear it, and naturally when I do there’s a lot of hiss. I have an RME babyface interface, which have the mic plugged into line 1 on. I have the fader set at 0, and the gain is set to 24, but it goes as high as 60. I tried turning the gain all the way up, and it does record louder, but is that normal to have to turn it up all the way to the highest setting? When I do that it makes alot of noise in my speakers as well. I’m wondering if there’s something I should be setting up in cubase differently. Or if you guys have any idea where the problem might be, thank you.

Phantom power turned on for the mic? Turn on the phantom power for the RME on the input your using

yeah, the phantom power is on. I’m beginning to think its a problem with the mic now actually. The mic has switchable polar patterns and bass roll off, etc… but nothing switches. When I press the buttons its stuck on whatever settings its on so i might need to send it back.

MIC is broken in sending it back. But still, the sane question remains. How high is normal to turn the gain up?

What, does nobody bother to read anymore?

What made you decide the mic is broken?

Your mic is behaving exactly as it should, and you will get the same result with ANY mic you have…

If you plug it into a LINE input.

A mic has to go to a PREAMP…you can’t plug it into a LINE input.

You need a cable with an XLR male connector to plug into one of the preamps on your Babyface.

And it sounds like you really need to spend some time reading some of the documentation supplied with products, plus some good “general” recording articles…

Forum problem number xx, well on the top list anyway.

Mic-pre, mic-pre, mic-pre, phantom power, phantom power, phantom power.

THIS, IS basic stuff.
You can hit the phantom power button as much as you can, it will never send anything (48V) out your line input.

Line 1 on a Babyface is a shared mic/line input…having gain at 0db is the only thing that would make it line level.
With gain turned up and phantom power on it is a mic pre.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding this basic stuff?

Then he should have said: Into mic/line input 1.
Basic info on his interface, not provided.

Haha, is this a serious post? How ironic you question whether I read, when I explained in my previous post exactly why I think the mic is broken.

That goes for the person who agreed with this too. Neither one of you read my post. Some people here are too quick to jump on people.

@iBM and billdenton. Please be polite. The OP contained sufficient info, and named the audio device in question. This was enough info for those familiar with the device as shown by the other responses to his post.

the gain is set to 24, but it goes as high as 60. I tried turning the gain all the way up, and it does record louder, but is that normal to have to turn it up all the way to the highest setting?

axis D:

The default nominal level of -24dB on a RME Babyface is just a starting point, in my opinion. -60dB is a place you’d probably hover around with most dynamic mics and some condensers. Depending on source level, the C-414 could easily a setting as high as that…particularly if its pad is engaged.

Speaking of AKG, in my experience, it is not all that uncommon to get a clunker out of the box from them. A couple of years ago, I had to send a brand new C-414B XLS back for exchange, as its electronics were totally fried. I’ve also sent 3 other AKG’s (two C-1000’s and one C-3000) in for warranty repair within a year of purchase. All internal electronics issues. I have a C-414EB I purchased in the mid 70’s that still works fine and never had a days trouble with it. I guess they don’t make 'em like they used to.

Thanks a ton! yeah the akg tech support person told me the same thing. He said it just happens sometimes, but theyr’e going to send me a new one out no problem. I just wish this stuff didn’t happen all the time so i could get to recording! haha