Question about sliding audio on grid

I spent my first 8 hour day in Cubase yesterday and was happy I was able to accomplish things. I was so adept in Sonar, and there are many little things I have to re-learn. I’ll ask a few immediate questions I had here:

  1. When sliding audio snapped to bars I ran into issues. Sometimes the clip I was moving had been slip-cropped so it started on (for example) beat 3 of the previous measure. When I went to make a copy of that clip to re-use later in the song (Alt-drag) the duplicated clip ended up starting at the beginning of a new measure (because of the snap settings). I guess Cubase assumed I wanted the beginning of my duplicated clip to start at the beginning of a measure (rather than on beat 3 of the previous measure as I wanted it). Is there some setting I can adjust so Cubase keeps music snapped to bars as recorded (rather than assuming my clip starts on beat 1)?

  2. Some keyboard shortcuts I used often are:
    switch cursor to scissors
    switch cursor to selector
    turn on snap
    turn off snap

Could someone give me the defaults on these?

Thank you


  1. You can use Snap to Events. Or while copying the event up/down to the other track, hold down Ctrl/Cmd modifier (so Akt for copy + Ctrl) to keep the same position of the event.

  2. 1, 2, 3… are the tools (not the Num Pad, but above the letters). Snap On/Off is “J”. In the Key Commands you can use search function. Or you can first trigger the function (by using mouse or menu) and then open Key Commands window. The last triggered function appears and you can check assigned Key Command.

I figured out what I was looking for: “Grid Relative” setting on the snap allows you to slide/copy clip data and maintain its proper start point in time (for clips that don’t start exactly on a grid beat)