Question about Softtube Console 1 integration


I’m thinking about purchasing a Console 1 and there’s one information I can’t seem to find in any YouTube video or forum.

So my question is, does it follow track selections in Cubase? I know I can selects track from the console 1 but does it follow mouse selected tracks?


it will follow the chanel selection like all controllers would
not the track selection if this is not linked

it will. Of course the whole point of using C1 is not to touch mouse or keyboard.

In cubase 8.5 doesn’ follow any channel…You have to select manually on C1. In Cubase 10.5 it will follow. Selectong a channel in Cubase will select automatically same channel in C1. You also have some pref you can choose. Open plugin from inspector of cubase (not open the C1 gui) and you will see in the upper right corner a button for preference.

Of course but in my case, I’m a composer first, mixer second. I can’t escape the mouse and keyboard for multiple tasks. I have a bunch of keycommands that locks my hand to the keyboard when editing. I can’t escape the mouse for warping duties, scroll wheel navigation and zooms and other macro buttons located directly on my mouse. It’s become second nature.

My left hand is the one that will jump from the keyboard to the Console 1 for quick EQs, gates, compression etc… I wanted to make sure the Console 1 would follow mouse track selections.

In the end I wish Steinberg would release an upgraded CC121 with a more complete layout of the native Cubase channel strip. After all it has pretty much the same fonctions built in.

Thanks guys, the Console 1 is on route and will give it a shot.

I have been having problems with it crashing Cubase 10.5 - I don’t use a keyboard anymore. I have bought Touch OSC and use it with my iPad PRO. You might want to ck it out. Works great for VSL too. Anything that can have a key command or MIDI command can be programmed to work with it.