Question about sound quality

Hey there !
well i got rode-nt1-a Microphone and scarlet 2i2 ,

my question is… i got windows 7

so when i use sound recorder from default programs and record i get a nice sound ,
if i use cubase or pro tools i will get better sound? or whats the difference when recording.

thanks :wink:

Aloha S,

Cubase (or ProTools) will sound just as good as

sound recorder from default programs

and can sound ‘better’ if you increase recording resolution and sample rates

With Cubase you can record at 16/24 or 32 bit float resolution
with sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192kHz

Keep in mind that recording at higher rates will:
1-increase cpu load while recording.
2-increase file size after recording.

But audio does ‘sound better’ at these increased rates.

Good Luck!

(without their knowledge) I have done some ‘unscientific’ tests with some of my
clients and depending on the material, many of them cannot hear a higher rate difference.
(at least they have not mentioned it. which means to me they cannot hear it).

—go figure

Thank u very much !

have a good day.