Question about Steinberg developement policy

It’s a pure by curiosity topic.
But i’m wondering, how the Steinberg developers team(s) work.
Is there a specific team per product, one team on Cubase, another team on Dorico… etc; or is it the same team working on all products following a specific calendar roadmap ? :question:

From what I understand there are some shared systems between specific applications which are probably maintained by the same people, but there are also people who are responsible for a single product. So a bit of both I guess?

They are a wonderful, wild bunch of mad-scientists and technical experts. :open_mouth: :laughing:

Technical and engineering groups can be formed in many ways. If you look around the web you’ll find many good examples. I’ll look and post a few examples if I think of it. I don’t know the kind of structure the Steinberg side uses. Given that there’s a huge pool of resources between Steinberg and Yamaha, there’s going to be a structure that attempts to coordinate and direct all the various groups. On one person’s desk Cubase and related products are dots on a chart, on someone else’s desk, it’s the whole world. My guess is that there’s a relatively ‘flat’ organizational structure and that good ideas and good work are the focus of how the products are developed and no one cares if those come from new or long-term members of the development groups. I hope things are going well for the Steinberg, Yamaha association. I’ve always loved the Yamaha keyboards and outboard gear, my first synth was a DX-11 4 Op FM synth (it still works).

All in all, based on the two releases I’ve worked with, Pro 8 and 9, I think the Cubase development team is doing a good job and I hope the product continues to make inroads into studios of all sizes and with new users.

A bit of both and not at all :wink:

There are many parts many of our applications share so in development many work on certain features or on technological groundwork rather than a specific application.
Then there are other teams like our Dorico team. They are dedicated to Dorico as it is new and very specific.
In marketing and planning, it’s definitely more about a product than in development.

Ok i see
One team for VST technology, another for DSP algorythms, one for putting it all together in Cubase…
Thanks :wink: