question about sustain pedal and Real Time MIDI record

I just did a test and was pleased to see that the sustain pedal is notated in the score after performing it during Realtime MIDI record. However, I DID notice that (despite “preserve note positions” was checked, which I presume would ALSO presume the exact sustain pedal positions), that the sustain pedal was actually off on playback vs. what was actually recorded (with generally a gap between the end of one pedaling and the beginning of the next that was much larger than what was recorded) and was just curious about this (I could correct this by dragging the length of each pedaling in the score, but had presumed the transcription would be “exact”?) Also: I presumed that perhaps I could edit CC64 data subsequently in the Piano Roll if I wanted to make sure the off/on positions for the pedalling I just recorded were precise (I’m using an Ivory Piano plug-in), but it was not displayed there at all, and I was wondering why this would be the case?

Much thanks! (excited to dive into all the new goodies!)

  • D.D.

The MIDI records the exact position of the raw CC event, however I think the actual pedal object can only be created (or at least displayed) at specific score positions, so it’s likely that it may not display exactly where you expected, due to it being rounded to the position of a note.

Currently, CC64 data is converted to a pedal line object rather than kept as raw CC data. The reason for this is that the pedal line creates its own CC64 events on playback, so having the automation lane and the automatically generated events would be confusing (as one would overwrite the other). It’s possible that we could extend the options available in a future version.

But shouldn’t the pedal line object preserve the underlying exact position of the actual MIDI data? I ask because in my test, it did not, and with real-time MIDI recording of pedal and other controller data (and with preserve note positions on) I would presume that playback should exactly match what was actually recorded? (just checking!)

Thanks again for all the improvements!

  • D.D.

Could you attach a small midi file that shows the problem? Dorico actually caches everything you record. If you start the Terminal and type

open $TMPDIR

Which should open a finder window. Then navigate to Dorico 2/MIDI captures and find the one you’ve just recorded.

Here’s a quick snippet I recorded and then tweaked just the notes (but not the pedalling) (a zipped MIDI file):
capture (980 Bytes)
I recorded it extremely slowly initially using that new changing metronome feature - which is excellent - to ensure that the pedals were continuous (no audible gaps between each pedaling I did). However, when I play it back, there’s a noticeable and jarring lifting of the pedal well in advance of each new pedal downbeat, on playback. It also would, indeed, be useful (and, I think, perhaps even expected) to have access to any CC64 data if we’re doing true Real Time MIDI recording down the line, and especially if you’re capturing this data anyway (along with any other MIDI controller data from the performance). Hope this helps!

  • D.D.

Thanks, I’ll make a note of this.