Question about Tempo Change with recorded Audio

I made a forum search, but had no conclusive results, so if you can give me some hints…

I understand that an audio track recorded in musical mode will allow tempo changes without pitch changing

BPM is set to 112
I record a bass part (20 bars)
The recorded file is automatically “stamped” as 112 bpm

If at bar no. 10 I change the tempo to 114, the result will be a perfectly in tune and on time bass part (10 bars at 112 and 10 bars at 114 bpm)

This is what all tutorials and manuals say and I am sure it works.

Now the questions.

I have a tempo map like that:
10 bars at 112 bpm
10 bars at 114 bpm
10 bars at 100 bpm

I record my 30 bars of bass part following the metronome (one take).

What will the audiofile be “stamped” bpm-wise?
Can I modify the tempo of the central 10 bars from 114 to 116 and the audio will follow?

Thanks for your input.

(sorry for the theoretical question, I don’t have my DAW at hands, but I need to be prepared to this topic soon…)


Because you have a changing tempo map you just need to add another step to stamp the audio accordingly.

Highlight all audio files (If you edited the audio much I find bouncing to new selections makes the process more stable) then select audio/advanced/set definition from tempo.

does it also work if you have a ramp in the tempo map?