Question about the Arranger feature

Just got started using the arranger feature in Cubase. Great feature, don’t know why I hadn’t been using it previously.

Anyway, I am sure I can figure this out with some trial and error but was hoping someone who is very familiar with the feature could provide a little insight on one question to save me some time.

I see that I can flatten the arrangement into a new project which one would think that doing so would preserve the existing (original project) before the flattening process. But I don’t want to chance presuming that and rush into flattening my arrangement only to find out that perhaps everything in the original project is unretrievable after this happens.

So the question, by flattening my arrangement into a new project; will my original project with all its effects and setting remain intact?

And while I’m thinking about it, will the flattening process include all the inserts, effects, sends and etc. of the original project? Provided the answer to the previous question is yes. :open_mouth:

Well, you could always reassure yourself by Saving the Project before you Flatten it :wink: (then Saving the Flattened version under a new name).
As regards your 2nd question, it is effectively only moving areas within the (same) tracks… no actual Track data is changed :wink: