question about the box of the Cubase pro8

Hi, I bought a cubase pro8 today from a local store from which I always buy my gears.
what I’m concerned about, is that on the box, it is printed: “cubase pro” and under it “advanced music production system”. (pls check the attached photos)
I mean it is NOT printed : Cubase pro 8". is that normal??
since I’m living in Iran, I cannot buy one directly from Steinberg or another official stores. so considering the price I paid I’m really afraid it there maybe some problems with it!
can anyone help me about it and say if they have seen such a box without figure “8” on it?


rest assured it’s Cubase Pro 8. You can also see it in the first photo, where it reads ‘Cubase Pro 8 Retail’: it means it is the full, commercial version. And the latest. The current ‘Grace Period’ policy grants you always get the latest version (see sticker on the front) when activating a new license. Hope you will enjoy working with it!

Kind regards,

oh thank you so much Fabio for your kind assuring reply. yes I installed and it worked properly.