Question about the comp tool

So I comped together a bunch of vocal parts… was pretty happy with the comps. Then I decided to try to record some more vocals… Now the new recorded part is active, and all comps are gone??? How do I get the original comps back?

I decided to close the project, and reopen with the original comps. Then I tried to import an audio file onto a new lane so I could comp together the new part - as soon as I import, it puts the audio file on lane 1, and automatically overwrites all comps???

Is it just me, or does it seem insane that it’s doing this… is there some way to lock the existing comps so they do not disappear? How the heck do you add audio to a track which has already been comped without losing the comps? I just wanted to try to record a slightly better performance during a tiny little part, and comp it into the existing comps (so I can keep most of the old performances).


Two thoughts for you:

  1. To save existing comps, highlight them and create a Part. Then, newly recorded takes won’t disturb your pre-existing comps.
  2. If you haven’t done step 1, don’t worry. Cubase still “remembers” your comp. Say you recorded two additional takes to a track after comping previous takes. View all the take lanes on the track. Using the comp tool, click on your most recently recorded take. This action automatically inactivates that take and automatically activates the previously active take. Do this again, this time with the previous take. It will inactivate as well. Now you should see your comp again.

Both of your questions came up when Cubase 6 first came out (with the new comping tool). The solutions above were fairly hidden at the time. So it’s not surprising that you have questions about this :smiley: .


Awesome! Thank you SO much! You made my evening much better! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome… I was pretty chuffed when I finally figured this out, too. Now it’s second nature.

IIRC, after it puts the audio file on lane 1, you can drag it down to another lane. IIRC there was a preference somewhere that had to be toggled, or indeed the old takes/comps were gonzo after bringing the new one in.

If you want to find more about that preference but can’t figure it out, I posted about it in the C6 forum about 6-9 months back, hopefully that is searchable!