question about the ctrl key

hey guys

i want to switch the split function from the alt key to the ctrl key (for splitting events)
also i want my events drag & drop to do a copy with ctrl key instead of alt as well.
i know how to do that, it can quickly be changes in the preferences under “tool modifiers”

the problem is that by default the ctrl button disables the grid snap
is there a way to change that? because i havnt found one.



This Snap Off should be also part of the Tool Modifier. I would say it’s part of Object Selection, isn’t it?

What about to swap these modifiers on the system level?

thanks for your reply martin!

swapping the modifiers on system level will change all my key commands all over so its not an option for me :frowning:

and i dont have an “Object Selection” in the tool modifiers…
heres the list:

Drag and Drop
Erase Tool
Glue Tool
Info Line
Range Tool
Select Tool
Size Objects
Split Tool
Time Warm TOol
and Trim Tool

“size objects” is the only one with a “disable snapping” action, but its not global for cubase, its only when resizing events


I checked this again. It really seems, there is no way around.