Question about the Halion GUI

When I load a library with a large edit screen into Halion Sonic, the size of the edit screen adjusts automatically to the size of the instrument.
In the full Halion the size does not adjust and I have to do it manually each time I load for example Tguitar or Electric bass.
Is there a setting in Halion that it adjusts the screen size of the edit window as well?

You can adjust the GUI as you like and then you can save it as a Screensetting.
So you can build different Settings for different kind of work.
How to do this you can find here:

I know that, thanks.
I wanted to know if the more expensive Halion has the same auto resize feature of the edit screen like the cheaper Halion Sonic.

O.K., Sorry, I don’t know. If I have bigger Instruments I build the page and save it. I never thought about auto resize.