question about the location of the vst-plugin folder


due to installing a new OS I had to re-install Cubase ES4 (I will also soon install my Studio 5 upgrade).
I have to partitions on my main drive : the C (boot) partition and a D partition, the D partition is where I install my software onto.
So, I installed ES4 on my D partition but I noticed the vst plugins folder is on the C partition.
Does that happen by default or did I make a mistake?
Is this supposed to be this way or would it be better to have the vst plugin folder on the same parttion where the program is installed? Is there a way to change this after installation or would I have to re-install to get the vst- plugin folder to be on partition D?
Or is it fine to have the program installed on the D partition while the vst plugins folder is on the C partition?

I’d appreciate any kind of help here !


I’ve always installed the OS & programs on the C: drive

Once I’ve setup the main drive with the OS & Programs, I make an image so that if something goes wrong, I just reinstall the image, with no need to re-authorize programs etc.

Recordings are on other drives, NOT a partition of the main HD.

Thanks !

My set up is quite similar to yours, except my main drive is partitioned into C and D, but both partitions are on one physical drive.
Then I have an E drive which I sue for all the projects, data, etc.

But I’m still wondering if it’s normal that when I install Cubase onto my D partition that it creates a plugin folder on the C partition. And, is there a way (other than re-installing everything) I can change the location of the vst-plugins folder?

I’m not sure if this is the case with Essential 4 but generally, you can choose or customise your
VSTPlugins folder(s) from within Cubase: Devices>Plug-in Information

hello, I’m not sure that I can answer your question but I sense you may be able to drag and drop the folder.Maybe you can help me with a cubase 4 issue I’m having.I am not getting use out of my halion software.I find the folder in windows but it doesn’t show up in cubase 4.Do you know the proper path where it should be just after installing the cubase 4 program.I may have moved it by mistake.I’ve tried to put it in the VST folder but it still won’t show up in the program.I did a repair cubase but that didn’t seem to help.
thanks for any help.

Thank you guys !

I found out that the plug-in folder was atually not created by Cubase but by a plug-in I was installing, when I did not pay close attention to where the plug-in should be installed.
So, I un-installed and re-installed it (this time specifying the folder where I want the .dll file to be dropped) and it was fine!


Hello, I was told by the music store guy to uninstall and re-install my cubase 4 program and that should correct my problem and put the Halion back to where it should be.He said my user files will not be affected and everything else will be fine as well.Dealing with him for many years I know he is a cubase export so I trust his judgement.I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you!

I haven’t really had problems yet due to where my VST files are, I was just thinking it might be better in terms of having everything organized by 32bit and 64bit. But that only makes sense if I decide to NOT use any 32bit plugins in my 64bit Cubase. But before making that decision I will try jBridge!