Question about the Midi Remote video tutorial from cubase

My question arose while watching this Cubase midi remote tutorial: Video

Video at 2:37: Let`s assume for a second that there was no script available for the Launchkey 49 that I have in front of me.

Hmmm… but it is available. Normally, when connected, the Launchkey 49 should be recognized automatically and appear in the interface. But in the video it doesn’t. You only see the previously used controllers. So the 49er must have been deactivated somehow beforehand, probably in the Midi Remote Manager. Unfortunately no comment on this.

I repeated this with my own Launchkey Mini. Once the Launchkey Mini has been recognized by Cubase, you cannot define another controller with it. Before I can create a second controller interface for my Launchkey Mini I have to deactivate the existing Cubase script in Remote Manager/Scripts.

Hence my question: Can only one user interface be active for a controller? Do I have to deactivate all defined surfaces that I don’t use in the Midi Remote Manage ?


You can delete any script in the MIDI Remote Manager > Scripts. Select the script and click the in icon (Delete Script). But this applies for the Local scripts only.

You can also Disable Controller Script (the button on the left side of the mentioned bin icon).

But actually there is no reason to delete/disable it, if you want to use it and if you just want to re-assign the functions. You can assign custom functions in the Mapping Assistant.

You can use multiple interfaces at the same time. But not multiple interfaces of the very same model.

Thank you for your tireless replies.
If you believe that Dom-video, you’re walking into a trap. You can’t just connect a device and then immediately build your own interface (because the device is already recognized by Cubase). Beginners like me immediately fall into this trap. It takes a long time before you get the “Disable first” hint.
Thanks again