Question about the new bounce in place function.

Hey guys,

Can the bounce in place feature bounce multiple tracks regardless of mono or stereo at the same time? And bounce them as they are or only as one or the other?


The render in place currently bounces number of channels depending on output rather than track.

So to make a mono track render a mono track you must route it to a mono bus or at least de-route it.

There is no way in the RPI setup to select mono/stereo or to select to render “as is”

Damn… I cant believe they still have not figured this out… Thats what took away from the batch export feature too. As far as I am aware, logic will bounce all to their correct output settings in one bounce. And it has done for a long time.

There are a bunch of tutorials on youtube how to render in place.

I haven’t upgraded yet, but Ive seen the function I dont think it calls for a tutorial , but do you mean tutorials of workarounds to bounce, mono/stereo simultaneously ? If so I can already think of a few.