Question about the new forum

I have a question about the new forum , or rather about the new forum’s format.

It is driving me bonkers that the main list of topics appears at the end of the particular thread I am reading in, making it look as though the main list is part of the thread I’m in. When I get to the newest post in a thread I don’t want to see any more items below that, please! Is there any way to achieve my wish?

–Len B

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I usually start just above the “last visited” line and work upwards, usually ignoring the suggested topics below.

I admit, it takes some getting used to. (New forum, new strategies. :upside_down_face:)
But I do like the larger selection of emojis.

I’m not sure it’s possible to disable the “Suggested Topics” list at the end of each thread – is that what you’re referring to, Len?

No, I was not suggesting to get rid of the list, only that I find it is easier not to use it (except for choosing the “Dorico” link to return to the thread list if my mouse is near the bottom of the screen).

Yes, Daniel, the Suggested Topics listed below the end of a thread is what I meant. Visually, it appears at first cursory glance as though there is more to the thread. I suppose I’ll get used to it.

There is the little block of buttons (including Share, Bookmark, Flag and Reply, for example) that provides a bit of a visual break, and of course the list of Suggested Topics itself looks quite different from the thread itself, but on the whole I agree that they’re a bit unnecessary, particularly since they appear a bit random in terms of which ones are picked.


I very much wish there was a basic “Dorico” button that was much easier to click to return to the main list of threads.


I think this is an unavoidable consequence of creating only one Steinberg Forum, within which Dorico and other sub-fora are technically Categories, as defined by Discourse. Another Discourse forum of which I am a member, uses Categories to distinguish and group topics that have kinship – as if, for instance, Dorico were to group all topics that have to do with Forum Questions and separate them from MIDI Questions. In that other forum, ascending to the root page is a one click event.

It also explains why we have to choose which sub-fora we want to receive emails form when activating the email option.


I’m personally using this “Dorico” button quite a bit myself (below the title of the current thread).

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 17.28.30

also make sure you try shift + ? which gives you a very useful list of keyboard shortcuts.

Lillie, thank you so much for pointing that out. It is so tiny and so unlabeled, I had no idea what it was for. That solves at least half of my complaint.


I think most browsers use alt-(left arrow) to “go back”. Seems to go to the list on this forum nicely.

My usual procedure on this and most forums is to enter a topic not by clicking, but by command-clicking (on a Mac). This opens the topic in a new tab, and when I’m done with it I close the tab, which returns my view to the forum’s list of topics.

I just hit U to go back, which takes me back to the previous page, which is normally the thread listing. J and K navigate through the thread list, and O opens the selected thread. I find this very efficient.

We’ve now made a configuration change to the forum such that the Suggested Topics list no longer appears.


Thanks. This makes the display much clearer for me also.


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Thank you very much. That helps immensely.


Thank you. This is a significant improvement.


Many Thanks!