Question about the preamps

I wonder if the preamps are activated just by using an XLR-connector instead of an TELE? Or is it something else I have to do? How do I see that the 816 is actually using the preamps in the MR Editor?

Many thanks for any info here!


actually the problematic thing with MR is that the PreAmps are always “on”,with the combo connections,no matter if its an XLR or PL connection…
if u need true line signal level without the pre u can use the inserts on back on channels 1 and 2.(unbalanced )

Thanks! So when people say that the MR816 have REALLY good preamps, that’s what I’m using then? The preamps are responible for the “sound quality” of my synthesizers going into the MR816 through TELE in the combo connections?

I also heard that the AD conversion is NOT that good, but how can this be true if the preamps are awesome? I don’t get this :frowning:

/R anyway connecting to the combo inputs the signal goes true MR preamps… the converters are very good at MR… you should be OK with MR sound quality in general… just play the music well :wink: !

Maybe I be MORE happy with the Black Lion mod: :slight_smile:


Just turn on the PAD on the inputs your using. IF you can hear the press changing your sound Ill eat my hat.

Black Lion mod is an option but I wouldn’t do it, too expensive for what your getting. Besides the MR are end of the line, its not long before driver updates will be gone for the MR. The UR is their money maker now

So if I wanna use another Pre I must use the insert? Does that mean I need a Y-cable or can I just use a normal cable?

I have bought two mic pres recently to use with my 816 and I will try the three different ways of connecting them and these ways are:

  • Balanced connection via, Pad activated and gain all the way down.
  • Via the insert point of channel 1 and 2
  • Via a digital input (ADAT or SPDIF) and an external ADC.

It’s strange that Yamaha/Steinberg didn’t build in proper (post mic-pre inputs) line inputs. Attenuating a signal to mic level to amplify it again isn’t exactly the ideal way of treating a line level signal, if one wants to avoid unnecessary signal degradation. But several people here are getting great results when adding external mic pres in series with the internal mic pres.

Regarding the insert point: According to page 7 in the handbook the “ring” is used for input in the insert point which means that if you use a standard mono cable then it will work if you push it just halfway, You are probably better of if you get a Y-cable or if you build a custom cable.

Thanks! I will also try the double micpre version first… LOL