Question about the purchase of Dorico PC

Who has Dorico for life on the iPad, what process to migrate to the Notebook? Do I need to make a new purchase for the Notebook?

Yes, Dorico Pro is a completely separate program and you will need to purchase it separately.

There is a 60 day trial if you want to give it a go.

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Cristiano, if you buy the version Dorico Elements for your laptop, you’ll get extended but similar functionality as on your iPad version.
Version Dorico Pro for your laptop gives you all possible features of the program.
Check out, wether you’ll need them.
There is a page where you can compare the versions: Compare the Versions of Dorico: Elements & Pro | Steinberg

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Cristiano can also get the Dorico Pro trial and hold down the ALT/OPT while starting Dorico to check out Elements as well for comparison.

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Thank You

Thank You!