Question about the signal flow of Group Channels.

Hello. When there are multiple tracks going to a group channel, are they processed individually or as a cpmbined/single signal?

Example: If I have three vocal tracks going to a group channel with autotune, does each signal get processed individually or is it processed combined?

I am under the assumption that they’re being processed as a combined signal.

Thank you

Of course. If you want to use autotune, you need to insert it on invidual channels. Not on a group of “untuned” separate voices. Autotune can’t handle that.
Same with compression or eq, if you need to correct one of the voices or multiple voices in a different way do it on the channel before the group.

If the Autotune is on the Group channel then yes, it is the combined signal that is being processed.

Thank you for the confirmation!

Maybe it is elpful for you to notice that GROUP-channels are by nature SUMMING-Channels and linking parameters of individual channels and the VCA-Faders are for “grouping” multiple individual channels without summing.

BR, Ernst