Question about the WDM inputs/outputs

I’ve just got my MR816X and maybe i’m missing something here? The 816X should have four stero pairs of inputs and outputs in wdm mode as far as i understand. But when i go to the sound options in Windows 7 X64 and have a look, there are one Line Out and one Line In. The Line Out says 6ch. This i don’t get. And when i try to run ASIO4ALL in Cubase this is exactly what i get. One stereo Input and three stereo Outputs. So, where are the rest of the Inputs and Outputs?

I never had this strange problem with my Echo Layla 3G card. In ASIO4ALL it showed four stereo Inputs and four stereo Outputs. Like it should.

Any idea what i’m missing? Is there a setting somewhere?

Thanks for any help here!