Question about upcoming Repeat Endings

Just watched the latest Discover Dorico on upcoming features (can’t wait!) and wondered whether repeat endings will initially use default numeric labels or whether there will be an option to use text labels instead such as “vamp” and “proceed.” Not in any rush–I can only imagine how busy you are–but eventually such capability would be helpful.

By default the labels will all be numeric, but you can override the display so that they show text like “Vamp” and “Proceed”. Note that each repeat ending item always consists of at least two segments: normally, the first has a closed right-hand end (i.e. a hook at both ends) and the second has an open right-hand end (i.e. no hook at the right-hand end), though you can change whether each segment is open or closed. But you can’t easily use these repeat ending lines to just put a single bracket over, say, one bar without indicating something about the bar that follows it as well, if you see what I mean. This is because we want the way repeat endings work in Dorico to be guaranteed to produce a coherent result when it comes to playing them back (though I’m afraid playback is not included in the forthcoming update).

I was dying to see John tie a note into the repeat ending bars in his demo yesterday. Do we get automatic ties into the second repeat ending bar? It would make my day if the answer is yes!

No, I’m afraid none of the musical implications for things like ties, slurs, lyrics, glissando lines, etc. that can be carried into a second ending are handled in this update. Likewise, nor are things like showing you cautionary clefs or key signatures to tell you that the place you’re jumping back to is in a different key or time. But these things are all planned and will be taken care of in the future.

Thanks for confirming, Daniel.

I must say, even without those features for repeat endings, from what I saw yesterday of 1.1, for my own uses Dorico is now achieving parity of features with Sibelius (and in many ways surpassing it in the implementation of those features). Given that you’ve only been on the market for a matter of months, that is hugely impressive. I can’t wait to use the 1.1 update myself!