Question about updating a library

I’m working on an update of a library where I have fixed some minor bugs, nothing changed or added to the macro page.

Is not clear if I can release it as just an update that can be installed on top of the old one or if I have to release a brand-new library?

I tried to reinstall it on top of the old one but I’m getting an error when I try to load projects where I used the old version…

Along with the fact that the “Library Manager” app is crashing if I try to install it on top of the old one, It start the process but after a few seconds crash… The only way is to remove the old and install the new one.

Also, I can’t find anywhere in the manual what is the function of the "skip’ menu in the “Library Creator” page?

Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 09.26.58 AM

Try to increase the version number. Library manager should detect it’s newer version of the same library and remove the old one.

If you have several vstsound containers for the same library (e.g. one for samples, one for presets…) you can choose to update just some of them and skip the others.

So I find out the problem: you must do it starting from the original .library file you created when you create the first version of the library. Thanks, god I kept that file!
I just erased both the sample and preset files and loaded the updated ones, and I have set up the “skip menu” to the NO position, version from 1 to 2 (It looks like you can’t put decimals like 1.5) and It worked!

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