question about upgrade path and activations

I bought HalionSonic when it first came out, updated to 2, and eventually upgraded to the full version of Halion 4 (and 5). Currently, I have both Halion 5 and HalionSonic 2 running fine on my system (OSX 10.9.5) and I love them. Great synths, underrated, even.

I want to update to Halion 6/HalionSonic 3, but have two questions:

  1. There is a $99 update path from Halion 5, will this include an update for HalionSonic 2 to 3 as well?

  2. I have the Halion license stored on my USB eLicenser key, but wonder if Steinberg has yet entered the age of multiple activations? I don’t mind using the USB licenser on my MacPro, but I really want to use Halion live on my laptop, and the USB key there would be impractical. Most other vendors offer multiple activations of their products, but I could not find anything about this on Steinberg’s site? I’d like to have a license stored on my laptop, without need for the dongle.


OK, I found the answers:

  1. Yes

  2. No

Shame you can’t have two activations. Every other major music/audio software company does that nowadays. Come on, Steinberg, ditch the dongle.