Question about UR22 and power

I just bought the UR22 and am very pleased with it. It’s my 1st audio interface.

This might be a dumb question, but when I shutdown my computer the USB light on the interface remains lit. I don’t mean when the PC is on sleep or hibernation, I mean when it’s actually shut down.

Am I supposed to unplug the USB connection whenever I switch off my computer? The interface doesn’t have an ON/OFF button and I don’t like the idea that power is stil being fed to the unit when it’s supposed to be off.

Can’t see how that could be possible Englander ?..I use the UR22 and never disconnect the USB, but as soon as I power down the PC the UR22 loses it’s power source and goes goodnight gracie ? At the risk of sounding like I’m calling you a liar… are you SURE the comp. is truely shut down ?

Yep, the PC is definitely shut down. The LED light only goes off if I switch off the PSU at the back of the PC.

I did some searching on Google and it seems it’s quite common for USB ports to remained powered even after shutdown. It’s a 5 volt standby power or something. Looks like I’ll either have to switch off the PSU every time I shutdown the PC or see if there are some BIOS options.

You learn somethin’ new everyday…I wasn’t aware of the usb retaining voltage but you wouldn’t have thought it would hold the charge that long ??? Post back if you get a solution…sorry I couldn’t help.

Who shuts down their computer? I never shut mine down because it is more strenuous on the HDD to spin up and spin down than it is to just keep it spinning. About 8 years solid now on my Dell and still going strong (knock on wood!) :sunglasses:

Guys, I have the same problem. I remember this occurring some cheapish midi controllers too before, very rarely but very annoyingly.

But no worries! I have solution for you !

There is switch on back of the apparatus to switch to USB/Wall power, you can use it as on/off switch!

That said, you can propably fix it from BIOS or such from computer too, but I havent yet bothered. It SHOULD go off when computer off ofc.

Yes, this option called ErP in BIOS. This will disable all USB ports and also Wake On Lan on shutdown.