Question about using Cubase 12 on different devices

When using Cubase 12 on different devices (from PC to laptop), do I need to install all of the applications and instruments on both devices (Halion, Groove Agent etc.) or will they carry over from my PC once I download Cubase 12 and log in to all the necessary areas on my laptop?

Probably a really stupid question that I know the answer to, but I am trying to avoid having to spend the time to install all the apps again.

You could try copying the files from the Download Assistant’s downloads folder on the PC to the equivalent folder on the laptop, then running the Download Assistant on the laptop. It’s something I’ve been meaning to try.

If you have different physical devices you need to run the installation on all of them. During installation there will be some stuff added to Windows that is required to run software. So yes, you need to install the software again.