question about using GA as a Midi Phrases Player

Hello !

Can’t find answer in the manual so i’m here

I’m using GA se 5, trying to use it as a midi phrase player

for exemple i have 16 patterns of exponential rhythm ( series of notes that slows down or accelerate in an exponential way )
which are basis to make cool hi hat pattern, percussion roll, chords repeatitions, arpeggios etc…

not easy to use with the mouse, very much more easy if you play them and adjust speed and placement by ear
and easier to have 1 vst with all patterns ready to go and send midi to whatever other vst to sketch things fast.

EDITED first question, To play ad lib :
midi option setings >
Exclusive = off
play mode = toggle
trigger mode = immediatly
sync to beat = off

2nd question :
is there a way to transpose the pattern ?

3rd : question :
is there a way to alter tempo / speed for each pattern ? ( not the usual half / double ? )
because there is whole creative usages locked here for percussion, hi hat loops, orchestral percussions rolls, or even chord progressions, melodies ( when things doesn’t play “on beat” )

if not, i’ll move this questions to feature request section :wink: