Question about: VariAudio 3, Chord Pads, Melodyne4

I have watched videos and played with a demo of Melodyne4.
It allows me to alter Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Strings, anything. Also I can alter individual notes within a chord.

Is there anyway to achieve this in Cubase 10 Pro using VariAudio 3 or ChordPads or other ‘free’ plug-ins ?

I don’t want to fork out a tonne of cash for Melodyne if I can do it for free with plug-ins in Pro 10.

I read that Melodyne is Polyphonic, whereas VariAudio3 is Monophonic, (which apparently makes the big difference).

I really would appreciate some help as to what to do.

You said it in the last line! Melodyne can do polyphonic edits. VariAudio can not!
If you need to edit polyphonic audio, go for Melodyne. If not, use VariAudio. Save the cash and spend it on something more useful!

… and because I am a beginner; I wanted to make sure I am understanding it correctly:
is this correct: VariAudio will edit the track pitch as a whole. It is unable to separate the different sounds within a track ?

I downloaded a demo of Melodyne and imported an MP3 song from my mp3 player. Melodyne was able to completely separate the song into about 12 tracks (voice, harmonies, guitar, drums, etc) and then I could edit EACH of these pieces individually. (ie: alter the harmony, but keep the main vocal in-tact).
is this what Polyphonic means ? and VariAudio would be unable to do this as it cant separate the elements of the track.

is my above view correct ? or wrong ?

Thanks again :wink:

Yes, that is correct. And Melodyne are really the only folks doing poly.

One nice thing about Melodyne pricing is that you can buy a more limited version (sorry don’t recall their different names) and then if you later upgrade the total cost is the same as if you’d initially bought the full one. There is no cost penalty for buy the cheapest and upgrading that as needed.

And if you pay attention you can even get some savings. I started with the 2nd from the top version. But I was able to find it cheaper at retail (Sweetwater) than on the Celemony website. About a year later Celemony put upgrades on sale and I went for that. I think I saved a $100+ going that route.

Can I ask: What DAW do you use Melodryne with ?

I have tried a demo of it in Studio One (demo)
But actually I was thinking about buying Cubase 10 Pro (because of their good 50% deal at the moment).

To be honest, i’m torn between getting Cubase 10 pro, or Studio One.

if you have any words of wisdom for me, I would be really grateful :wink:

Well as this is a Cubase forum, I use it with (drumroll…) Cubase.

The 50% is a great deal (reason enough in my view) and Cubase is quite powerful. If you write music it has a bunch of useful features. The workflow in Cubase is a bit different from some of the other DAWs in that some tasks might require that you config or setup something before using it (usually saved in a template or as presets). But this initial extra work typically gives you greater overall flexibility.

I think Cubase has the oldest linage of any DAW and as such the basic metaphor (mimic workflow of a classic hardware based studio) can seem less modern than some other DAWs. But if you don’t try to make it behave like something it isn’t you can get the results you want. Every so often some one posts here something like: Cubase is horrible, no matter what I do I cannot get the freezer to broil my steak. And they become really stubborn in believing the freezer should cook food because that is how Ablenar One works.