Question about VST Expression

Hey guys, I have the new 6.5.1 update and even though I’ve been a Cubase user since SX, when VST Expression first came out I just never paid any attention to it because of the limitations in available instruments that would utilize it. Now, of course, there’s plenty to start getting serious with so I’m going to start exploring it. But first thing’s first. After I have edited the expression data on a midi note and I press play to start my sequence, all I am hearing during playback is the synth WITHOUT any expression. It’s as if I haven’t done any expression editing what-so-ever. HOWEVER, if I simply “click” on the midi note with my mouse, either in the key editor or the in-place editor, then it AUDITIONS the note correctly with all of the expression that I have edited. I have been through the manual and searched through the forums for a couple days and am baffled. I’m obviously doing SOMETHING wrong. Again, this is the first time I’ve ever messed with it so please be gentle. lol Thanks for any help!

iMac OSX 10.6.8
2.8GHz Intel Core i5
Running 64bit


Do you mena Note Expression, like changing notes expression independently on other notes at the same time? How many notes do you have, is it monophonic, or polyphonic track? Did you make the parameter visible/editable? The square of the parameter has to be full. Do you have MIDI assignment of the Parameter?


Yes, I mean the note expression. Changing the note expression independently on different notes. That’s what I am referring to. Let’s just say I have a single note that is 4 bars long. I have made adjustments to cutoff, pan, volume, etc. in the note expression box to the left of the key editor. When I press play all of the expression does not play back. When I click on the note with the mouse it “auditions” the note WITH the expression. I’m sorry but I’m not really understanding your questions. I can see my expressions lines on the midi note, yes, if that’s what you are asking. Here is what my window looks like
Screen shot 2012-03-30 at 12.09.17 PM.jpg
Screen shot 2012-03-30 at 12.10.26 PM.jpg

In your screenshots, you have simply Muted the Note Expression (the yellow button) :wink:

HAHAHA! Vic, that’s exactly the answer I knew I’d get. Something so ridiculously simple that I was just overlooking. Thank you VERY much! :unamused:

One other question. Now that I have learned how to unmute the expression so that I can hear it during playback, if I’m playing a loop, the expression now plays back properly the first cycle through, but when the loop starts over the the expression stops even though the loop is still playing. Normally I’m pretty good and quick at jumping into Cubase features and learning them, but this one is stumping me. Thanks again for all the advice!

There, you’ve got me stumped, I’m afraid… I can’t think of a circumstance that might cause that to happen.
Does the loop cause any overlapping expression events?
Is this from inside the Key Editor, or the Project window? (I presume the “yellow” button is remaining deactivated?)