Question about Yamaha DM 2000 Desks

I was looking at the specs on the Yamaha DM2k desks and remembered their ads when the deks were first announced. They claimed to deliver 96 channels at 24-96 (with no SMUX or bit splitting).

I wondered how they achieved such high channel counts at 24-96K, especially since EVERYbody else had to halve their channel counts (Sony 48 channels at 44/48 but 24 channels at 88/96; same with Tascam. Mackie and Panasonic didn’t offer Hi-Res. But you could do SMUX through RME cards and port it to a half count of channels on the desk for monitoring).

I assumed that you would have to use a MADI card (which can give you 64 or even 128 channels on a single card) to interface with the computer. But the Desk only has 4 slots and the Yamaha MADI Cards that fit the desk only provide 16 channels per slot. So, that maxes out at 64 channels.

So how did Yamaha reach a 96 channel count at 96K? Anybody here use a DM2k totally maxed out that could answer that question for me?

Channel count 96 refers to mixing channels inside the DM2000, not the number of inputs/outputs.

AFAIK DM2000 has 6 slots which means you CAN have 96 channels of MADI I/O. And you also have 28 analog inputs and 4 channels of AES/EBU inputs, which makes it possible to fill all those 96 channels even with only 4 MADI cards.