Question: affordable keyboard solution for iPhone XS

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here has a suggestion for a simple affordable solution to get a (musical) keyboard attached to my iPhone XS.

I’m away from all my gear, and while out it would be awesome to play around with Cubasis 3 on my iPhone. I don’t have my camera connection kit with me either unfortunately, so I’m thinking it’ll have to be either bluetooth (but laggy?) or lighting compatible. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hi Pitchy,

Thank you for your message.

In regards to Bluetooth for MIDI LE, the available Yamaha MD-BT01 adapter works great to have available keyboards equipped with bluetooth capacities.

It might also be worth to have a look at the CME Xkey BT series, which makes a compact mobile setup.

On my opinion, BT for MIDI is a great option and does not have too much latency.

Hope that helps!


Hi Lars, thanks for that, I’ll investigate!

Hi Pitchy,

Hope you‘ll find what you’re looking for!

Stay well,

Hi Lars,

The Yamaha MD-BT01 actually works very well but not with Cubasis 2, sorry!

It is impossible to make a correct MIDI data recording with Cubasis 2 because the clock is completely desynchronized or else you have to replace all of them, which is long and tedious!

I did several tests before confirming this, including MIDI recording under the same conditions with GarageBand and I confirm that the issue is indeed Cubasis 2.

I dare not buy Cubasis 3 lest the problem be the same!

Hi ArtFaks,

There should be no issues to use Yamaha’s MD-BT01 with Cubasis 2:

Please have a look at our tutorial, which demonstrates the steps how to connect the adapter with Cubasis: