Question and request about "Missing font alert"

  1. How can we know that a font is missing?

I ask because after a hardrive crash and a complete system reinstall I used Dorico without having installed all my user fonts.
For example I use a Garamond font for “default text” in Dorico and this is the parent for most of my custom Paragraph Styles.
As I opened a project I noticed that Garamond had been replaced with Academico.
Dorico did not give any alert that the Garamond font wass missing.

In this case I could easily noticed that the font was missing because as I use it for almost everything it was quite visible.
But I can imagine that at some point, depending on how many custom fonts one uses, it may be difficult to know that a font is missing.
Even now I am not 100% sure if I maybe used a custom font for small things!

After I installed the missing font the project loaded the font correctly.
It means then that Dorico indeed knows and remembers about which font should be used but there is no alert when the font is missing.

  1. Could a “Missing font alert” be added?

You can’t, at present, know when a font used by a project is not present on the system, and the application will automatically substitute another font. We do plan to add some control over this in a future version, but I’m afraid I can’t say for sure when it will be added.

Thank you for your answer.

It means then that at the moment it is strongly advisable to accurately record what font is in use for each edited Paragraph Style.
I do hope you will add something soon maybe together with a way to save custom Paragraph Styles library?

It might be interesting to have a “report” feature for a Dorico Project, giving information on the project including the list of fonts. In the meantime, you can open your pdf with Acrobat Reader then do File -> Properties. Just an alternative that might be easier than recording everything when you create/modify a new paragraph style.