Question and trouble concerning copying and pasting cc data

HI, I was wondering my self, if the team of Dorico is aware of a few irregularities concerning copying and pasting of cc data? I found several irregularities. When it helps I will place an example here on the forum.
One of the irregularities is, that if I place e.g. cc7 data in a melody say on the fifth note of that melody, when I copy that melody to another instrument, the cc7 data are placed at the first note of the melody.
Another issue is, that the cc data are sometimes not pasted, I tried to figure out it if there is a rule for it when this happens and when not, but I didn’t find it.

Yes, I’m afraid my colleague Anthony alerted me to the problem that Dorico does not preserve the offset if the first CC point does not coincide with the start of the first copied note the very day that we released Dorico 4.2. Sorry about that. We have already fixed this internally and it will be corrected in the next update.

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Good to hear that the solution is on his way :smile: